What is BountyIt?

BountyIt was designed for thinkers and doers alike to come together for feedback, solutions, and services. BountyIt provides the platform for people to compete for money and get services done without being exposed to as much risk.

What is a Bounty?

A Bounty is an amount of money that a person is offering for feedback, or in the case of services; an amount of money being offered or sought for a specified service. 

Why should I use Bountyit?

BountyIt provides a place where Bounty Hunters can earn cash for something as simple as some feedback or complex as a research project.  Bounty Posters can easily crowdsource anything they need from the crowd by giving some people incentive.  

Difference between Private and Public Bountys?

A Public Bounty will have all posts visible to everyone while Private Bounties will only show the responses to the bounty owner.

How does the Bounty system work?

Step 1: A person will load a self-determined amount of money into the Bounty page and describe what kind of submission they are looking for. The person will set the amount of time the Bounty will be open for people to give their submissions. The creator may indicate how the Bounty will be paid out if they so choose.

Step 2: Once created, people will read the guidelines posted by the creator and will give their submission in accordance with those guidelines. In public Bounty pages other responders will be able to indicate that a response is good or bad. This will aid the creator in sorting through good and bad feedback. If the creator chooses a private Bounty page only the poster will be able to see the feedback.

Step 3: Once the deadline is met or a creator chooses to end a bounty, they will have 48 hours to sort through the submissions and allocate the Bounty as they see fit.

When do I load money into Bountyit?

Money is loaded into Bountyit before creating the bounty in order to prevent fradulent bounties that do not pay out submissions after receiving them.

When is money taken from my account?

When you finalize a bounty the money is taken from your account and is allocated to that bounty.

Where does the money go when it is taken from my account?

Money is transferred to the BountyIt system until the user select the person who is entitled to it for a feedback or when the service is marked complete by both parties. No money is transferred to another user until you say so.

How does BountyIt make money?

BountyIt chares a 20% fee upon withdrawal in order to keep the system running.

How much of the Bounty do I earn?

BountyIt pays out 80% of money withdrawn.  The 20% service fee is to keep the system running.

How do people make money? 

People make money by providing feedback or services to a bounty creator who has defined what kind of feedback or service they are able to provide.

How do users get money out of BountyIt? 

Using the withdrawal fields (Amount and Paypal ID) on the My Account page a user is able to request a withdrawal (min $20) that will be credited to their Paypal account within 48 hours of the request. 

What is the minimum Bounty?            

The minimum bounty is $5.

What is the minimum upload?

The minimum upload is $10.

What is the maximum Bounty?

There is no maximum, but please contact BountyIt for bounties larger than $5000.

Who can create a Bounty?

Anyone in good standing can create a Bounty. 

Who can respond to a Bounty?

Anyone in good standing with BountyIt can respond to a Bounty.

What does “in good standing” mean?

Someone who hasn’t been marked for spamming on multiple occasions or someone who hasn’t been marked in other ways for suspicious or fraudulent activities.

How long do Bountys last?

Each type of Bounty has a different time frame. A creator can select an end date and let it end as scheduled or choose to end it at any point prior to that date.

Can I change the amount of my Bounty?


How does a bounty get distributed to the responders?

A bounty can be allotted to a single responder or distributed to several responders as the creator sees fit.

Ideally, a Poster will indicate how the bounty will be distributed (ie. one person take all, or five-$5 dollar payouts).  

What does a rating mean for a user?

It is just a way for people to see how well your past contributions have been received by others on the website.

How do I get money out of my account?

A user is able to withdrawal money from their account using their Paypal account.

How long does it take to get money out of an account?

Withdrawals will be processed within 48 hours ($20 minimum).

How do I load money into my account?

Using PayPal, a user can load any amount of money they desire (minimum of $10).

Can a Bounty creator get a refund of a Bounty?

Yes. Refund requests should be directed to the administrators via the contact page and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

What if I don’t agree with how the admins handled the dispute?

All grievances should be directed toward our contact email and we will do our best to keep our users happy.

What if I find someone on BountyIt that is offensive, fraudulent, or misleading? 

Please report any suspicious or undesireable activity to the administors immediately via the contact us page. 

I made a bounty and now it is gone, what happened?

If your bounty is no longer on the site it was most likely removed because it violated the Terms and Conditions, you will be refunded if this happens.

Can I make a bounty that is a general advertisement for my services?


What if I have an issue that has not been addressed by a Frequently Asked Question?

Any concerns, questions, issues that have not been addressed in the FAQ should be communicated to the administrators of BountyIt through the Contact Us page.