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I am interested in creating a non-profit organization, for orphanages. Any ideas for a name? I will be looking for volunteers to visit orphanages for food distribution, clothes donation and money. I will also in the future will be selling a... Read More
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Starting a new company which initialize in selling costume jewelry online but over time I plan to sell garments and accessorize as well. The name should make a sudden impact, memorable, and have some meaning. Something simple but not cheesy... Read More
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We have just launched our start-up photo sharing social media site "Modera" and we are looking for new users. For $5 all that we ask is for you and 4 of your friends to sign up via the Facebook login feature on our login page @ Read More
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Hello! We run a bakery and we are looking for some very creative cookie or cake theme ideas to make. These can be anything from bikini's to movie themes, but please be specific as possible, as opposed to just "Star Wars" or provide exampl... Read More
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Simple as that.

1st place: $5
2nd place: $3
3rd place: $2

Make it hilarious.
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Hello everyone,

We are putting on a small competition bounty to see who can find the five most useful and creative products to be featured on our website www.AlwaysSomethingUseful.com. ... Read More
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Our site Five Dollar Finds is holding this contest to find none other than awesome products under five dollars. The rules are simple:

1. You find an awesome product under $5, you get $5.
2. One person can find up to 3 potential winning... Read More
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Hey everybody,

We recently released our new startup a few months ago and would like any feedback on the design or communication of the website itself. All constructive criticism is welcome.

Rules for the bounty are as follows:
1. ... Read More
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Looking for overview of general steps for starting a business entity.

Types, Cost, Legal, Ownership, Tax ramifications...any insights would be greatly appreciated
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I am looking for ideas for places where I could have multiple employees working quietly on laptops full time, as an alternative to the renting of an office.
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